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Changing Status of an Inventory Item

Inventory items in ERPLY may be one of 4 statuses:

  • Active-the product is in stock and is sellable.

  • No longer ordered- the product will no longer be re-stocked.

  • Not for sale- the product is not being sold anymore.

  • Archived- the product is removed from inventory.


-To archive an item, or otherwise change it’s status, you must first click on the inventory module.

-You must either find and click the product in the list, or use the filter method to quickly find your product.

-Once you click the product, the product card will pull up. On the bottom of the product card, in the product info tab there is a status drop down.


-Whether the product is active/no longer ordered/not for sale/archived, you choose accordingly.

-Make sure you click the save icon on middle right corner or product card and then top right corner.