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Changing Status of an Inventory Item – Berlin

Inventory items in ERPLY may be one of 4 statuses:

  • Active — the product is in stock and is sellable

  • No longer ordered — the product will no longer be re-stocked but can still be sold

  • Not for sale — the product is not being sold anymore and does not appear at the point of sale

  • Archived — the product is removed from The product catalog unless specified with a filter


To archive an item, or otherwise change it’s status, you go to the Product catalog dropdown of the PIM module.

You then can either find and click the product in the list, or, alternatively, use the filter method to search for it.

Once you click the product, the product card will pull up. Here you will see a status tab, which once pressed, will display a drop down menu containing the four choices. This is indicated in the example below:

Whether the product is active/no longer ordered/not for sale/archived can be selected here. Make sure to save in the upper right hand corner when you have completed your selection.