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Adding Employees & Creating User Log In Credentials – Berlin

To add a new employee, go to the SETTINGS menu, then click the plus sign to the right of “Employees.”


This will open a new Employee Card. Fill out the necessary information.

To edit existing employees, select Employee and click on the name of the employee you’d like to edit.





This is step one of the process. Your employee is now set up and the time clock can now be utilized.

The next step is to “Create a User” for this employee in order for them to log in and access the system.


Return to the SETTINGS menu and select “Users.”


From here, you can edit existing users by selecting them, or create a new user by selecting “New” on the top left.


This will open the User Card. Here you can assign the employee a username, password, and PIN if you so choose. This is how the employee will log in. Even if the employee is given a PIN, there are functions for which they will still need their password, so make sure each employee knows all of their access information.

Next, assign the employee to a User Group. This will give the employee specific rights corresponding to those in the User Group.


You will notice there are a few more User specific rights you can define on the right.

Be sure to select only the locations from which you would like this user to access the system.

Checking the box for more than one will give user access to multiple locations:



Once saved, you will see that Employee and User are defined. You can change an employee’s login password by clicking “(password)” and entering a new one: