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Adding Store Credit Without Product in TouchPOS


– Touching the “+” button next to the customer’s name, will bring up your customer list.


– First, you want to click on the green button next to the customer’s name to select that person as the current customer. Next, go back to the customer list and on the right side, click the button next to the customer’s phone number.


– Here you can edit or add a customer’s information. To add store credit, click on ‘More’.


– The ‘Action’ screen will pop up, and here you can send SMS or e-mail and check messages, but we want to add store credit, so go ahead and touch that button.

– Once ‘Add store credit’ is selected, a window will prompt you to add the amount of store credit. Here, I’m going to add $100.00, and click ‘Confirm’.


– Once you hit ‘Confirm’, the Payment screen will automatically pop up. ‘Store Credit’ is listed on the register, now select the payment type.


-Click ‘Confirm’ once you selected payment type. The receipt should look like the below. The amount you added to the customer’s store credit is displayed inside the yellow box.

– You can view how much store credit a customer has by changing the default customer to your selected customer. Next, add an item and click ‘Pay’ (you cannot ‘Pay’ if there are no items added), so you can reach Payment screen. Next to the customer’s name is their store credit balance: