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Adjusting Customer Account Balance – Berlin

1. Creating a negative balance on a customer account

If a customer has a zero balance in ERPLY but actually owes funds that need to be reflected in their balance report, you can create a negative balance for their account. 


zero balance

Navigate to the SALES module and select “Invoices.” Create a new Invoice which has no product or payment associated with it. Add your customer and be sure to select “Invoice” as the document type at the top of the sidebar to the left.
Add the balance to be added owed to the price field. If not set already, change the tax to zero percent. Confirm and Save.


invoice adjust


Once saved, the customer account balance will reflect the funds owed:


updated balance

2. Creating a positive balance to customer account

If a customer is showing a negative balance but they have made payments, and there is no invoice with which to associate payment, a positive balance can be added to a customer account.


updated balance

Open the SALES module and select “Payments.” Open a new Payment form by clicking “New” on the payment screen.



payments screen

Add the customer. Specify the amount to be added to account & payment type, then save. Do not select an invoice to associate payment with.

Open the Customer Card. The balance now reflects the changes from this payment:

zero balance


When adding a payment to a customer account, the payment WILL show in daily reports (Z-report) for the date the payment is created. If this payment was taken on a previous day, and is NOT needed to reflect in the Z-report, be sure to change the payment date to a day PRIOR TO ERPLY implementation. This can be done through the Date field on the Payment screen.



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