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Adjusting Customer Account Balance

A. Adding positive balance to customer account
B. Adding negative balance to customer account

A. Creating a negative balance to customer account:

– ex: Customer balance shows as “0” in ERPLY, however they actually owe funds that need to be reflected in balance report:

-Need to create INVOICE for customer that has no product associated as well as NO payment.

-Open INVOICES module- create NEW+:

-be sure to select INVOICE as doc type

-Add your customer

-manually enter to product row field notes regarding the balance

-add the balance to be added to price field


-once saved, customer account balance will reflect the funds owed:

B. Creating a positive balance to customer account:

-customer is showing a negative balance, however has made payments (no invoice to associate payment with)

-Open PAYMENTS module–Create NEW+ payment:

-Add your customer
**do not select invoice to associate payment with**
-specify amount to be added to account & payment type–SAVE

-open cusotmer card- Balance now reflects this PAYMENT:

*** TIP ***

-When adding a payment to customer account, this payment WILL show in daily reports (Z-report) for the date payment is created

-If this payment was taken on previous day, and is NOT needed to reflect in Z-report, be sure to POST-DATE the PAYMENT date to a day BEFORE ERPLY implementation: