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All Possible Changes To X and Z Reports – Berlin

This article will enumerate all possible changes that can be made to the content and formatting of X and Z Reports in ERPLY.


  • Under Settings/Configuration, in the POS column, there is an option reading “Do not show cash drawer openings (cash-in transactions with a sum of 0) in the Z Report”. Putting a check in this box will omit “No Sales,” or drawer openings with a zero sum, from the X and Z Reports.



  • Note that in regards to Time Zones, the time shown on the X Report will be the time set on the individual register. The time shown on the Z Report will be in the time zone of the ERPLY account (i.e., the main location of the business).


  • Under the gear icon, open the Configuration menu.



  • Checking “Get short X report” will omit the Invoices List from the X Report.
  • Checking “Get X Report only for last shift” will only automatically generate an X Report on the last shift of the day.