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Archiving Inventory Guide

Archiving an item will store it separately from active products in your inventory. The item will no longer be available available on the POS.  

Archived items with stock in them will retain stock, and continue to show up in stock reports.  Any stock level other than 0 should be corrected prior to archiving, by either writing it off, or in the case of negative inventory, inventory registration.

Step 1: Click “Inventory”

Step 2: On the drop down menu click “Inventory”


Step 3: You can archive single products or multiple products at once. (You can also archive an entire product group). To archive a single product, Click the “x” at located to the right on the inventory list. Then, Select “Ok”.


Step 4: In some cases you may need to archive multiple products. To save time you can select as many products as possible that are listed on that single page and archive them. To do so, Check the boxes of the items you would like to be archived then Click “More” >Archive

Those items will no longer be displayed on the list but they will still be available in the database and can be set back to an :active” item at anytime. To display items that you have archived, In the status field Select “Archived” then, Select “Show”. All items that were archived will now be displayed.

To Unarchive an item

– Double click the product to open the product card. In the status field on the lower panel change the status to “Active” and be sure to click “save”.