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Assembled Products

Assembled products can be used to sell products that you have made, assembled, or bundled together into a secondary product.  The components of assembled products may or may not be sold separately.


To create an assembled product, first create the items that go into the product.  In our example we’ll make a Gift Basket.  The components of the Gift Basket will be the Basket, a Teddy Bear, a coffee mug, some hot cocoa mix, and three pieces of tissue paper wrapping.

First, we create each of these as items on their own.  We give them a name, a upc, a price, a product cost, and any other information you have for the items.

If the components of the Assembled product should not be sold on their own, we set their status to be ‘not for sale” we can use these products in the purchase module, but they will not show up at register.  In our example, we will set the tissue paper and hot cocoa mix to not be sold.   

These items should also have stock on them. This means either registering them in, or creating a purchase invoice for them. You should make sure that your wholesale price and product cost are correct on these items, as they have their own inventory tracking that you will want to be accurate.


-To register the products, click on the inventory module on top.

-Click on Inventory Registrations from the left scroll.


-Click the new button on the top right, to create a new registration.

-You then choose the location where the products are being registered to, the products and their stock quantities. Once complete, click confirm on the top right. You can click save if you want to come back and edit later, but stock quantities do not update until registrations are confirmed.

Next, we create the Gift Basket itself.  We set up all of the information we have, and indicate that this is an assembled product.


Once we save that information, we get the Product Card Tabs, and we’re interested in the Recipe tab.  On this tab, we add the item, and amount of item we use to create this assembled product.  In the example you see the basket, teddy bear, coffee mug, cocoa mix, and three tissue paper wrapping items.

-Save this when you’ve got your recipe in.

Now we have to register in the stock for the Gift Basket item.  To do this we create an inventory registration, add this item to it, and select the ‘assembled product’ checkbox.

Once you’ve confirmed this registration your component items will deprecate the amount of stock necessary to make the indicated number of assembled products.

So for my 5 baskets, I will lose 5 teddy bears, 5 coffee mugs, 5 hot cocoa mixes and 15 pieces of tissue paper from those items’ stock levels, and we will gain 5 Gift Baskets.


When you sell out of Gift Baskets, you will have to re-register more.  If you don’t have enough component to create them, you will be alerted to that fact.