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Assembly Products

Assembly products can be used to sell products that you have made (assembled) into a secondary product.  The components of assembled products may or may not be sold separately.

At a Glance

Steps for Creation

To create an assembly product, first create the items that go into the product.  In our example we’ll make a skincare Gift Basket. The components of the Gift Basket will be Body Lotion , Face Mask, and two Facial Scrubs.

The components of an Assembly Product must first exist as their own products in Erply and have stock. If they do not, follow our product creation guides to add new products and stock.This can be done by selecting the “+” next to Product catalog in the PIM module drop down menu.  For our guide on adding products, click here.

If the components of the Assembly product should not be sold on their own, we set their “Status” to ‘not for sale.’ If you’d like to be able to sell the components separately, leave the status as the default. We can use these products in the Back Office, but they will not show up at the register.  In our example, we will set the Facial Scrub to not be sold. This is shown below:

These items should also have stock registered on them. This can be done through the Inventory Module, or by purchasing more.

Steps for Assembling

Now, we create the Gift Basket Assembly Product itself.  

First, create a new product through the PIM module Product Catalog selection as you normally would.

In the “Type” dropdown menu, choose Assembly. After saving the product the “Recipe” will appear in the bottom QuickNav bar.

Note: If you do not see this button, your QuickNav bar may be hidden. Click the yellow button in the bottom left of the window to expand the menu.

Add your component items and the amount for each. Close once completed and save the Product Card again.

Now we have to register in the stock for the Gift Basket item.  To do this we create an inventory registration, add this item to it, and select the ‘assembled product’ checkbox.

Once you’ve confirmed this registration your component items will deprecate the amount of stock necessary to make the indicated number of assembled products.

So for my 5 baskets, I will lose 5 Body Lotions, 5 Face Masks, 10 Facial Scrubs and we will gain 5 Gift Baskets.

Assembly Products hold their own stock. When you sell out of Gift Baskets, you will have to re-register more even if there is stock remaining for the individual components.