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Billing Module guide

-used mainly for service business
-semi-automatic, you select the Billing statements- select make invoices and the invoices will be made for the period specified(monthly,quarterly, etc).
can specify what billing is made (end of period,beginning)

ex: Pesticide company does spraying for bugs 1x a month, customer agrees to have service every month for 1 year period. so if company has 100 customers agree to 1x month spray, they can create billing for all customers at one time.

Can also associate “product” with service. ex: 1 can spray used for each 1x month spray visit. This will take the product out of inventory as well as bill for service.
Meter readings: for consumption purpose. They can read meter, insert amount here and be billed based on amount used.

ex2.) company like Cellular carrier, taking monthly fee for service.

How it works:

1. create new billing by selecting billing module – add
– fill necessary customer info, selecting billing period and product/service to bill for:


SAVE— press BACK, you will now see the billing cycle set up under billing

-Select the proper invoice by checking box next to it and choose MAKE INVOICE from top menu.

-You will see that there is a starting date and cycle shown, the (!) point shows accounts due for billing, you can also check box “Show only active customers due for billing” to filter only people due at that given time

-Multiple invoices can be created at once by filtering due invoices and checking the box next to all you would like to create invoice for:


-Once you select “create invoice’ system will tell you that invoice has been created and is available under Invoice module:


-Click open INVOICES module- all newly created invoices will display (if you selected to create more than one all would be here.) System will also show in red which invoice are due in red text.
-Final step is to open the invoice up, take the payment and CONFIRM in the upper right, this completes the process:


-Once complete you will be given option to send this invoice to customer via email, or print out and send by mail:


Some important points:

1. ERPLY does not store card data- would have to enter that manually for processing each invoice created
2. Billing does not take place automatically- you will be shown which customers are due based on billing cycle you define, however must still locate them and create invoice –take payment