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Creating a Package

Packages are used for products that you may order in packages of multiples rather than individually.

To setup package types that are not yet in ERPLY, please use Settings-> Package Types to add or arrange your package types.  You’ll want your most commonly used package types near the top of the list.

Step 1:

Go to the inventory module which is located on the top right of your ERPLY account page.

Open up the product card.

Step 2:

Click on the “Packages” tab located in the middle of your product card.

Step 3:

You may now select what type of package you will be creating from the drop down on the far left. You may choose between crate, box, and pallet. Enter in all the information in the table.

Step 4:

Click on the small save icon located on the far right of this table upon completion. You can create more than one package type per item, if you can order them by more than one package size.

Step 5:

When ordering your item by the package,  add your item to the invoice, then select the package type from the dropdown.  When you receive in this package, the designated number of units (144) will be moved into stock.

Importing Package amounts:

To change the order of the package types, you can go to settings-> package types, then change the order to the one you want (and add any new types you’d like).

Once the order is right (if you want to import only ‘pounds’ put ‘pound’ as the top package type), you can import numbers to your package types by having a ‘Amounts in Packages’ column in your import spreadsheet. You will put the number for each type of package in this column, separated by a space, so if you have package types in this order: pounds, boxes, kilograms, ounces, pallets  Then you would add numbers like: 16  44  2 8 144 to have 16 units per pound, 44 per box, 2 per kilogram, 8 per ounce, and 144 per pallet.  You can add these for each item, but the order of the ‘package types’ will be the same for all.