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Creating a Purchase Order and Receiving Inventory Against it

Click PURCHASES module and select ‘New Purchase Order’ to begin creating a new Purchase document. Fill the Purchase Order with the necessary info. Choose the location from the drop down menu.


Add your products to be ordered, this can be done by scanning a barcode, or begin typing the product name or code to query. Put in your cost and amount. You can enter other fields you feel necessary such as unit, tax rate, sales markup, or supplier quoted delivery date.

Once complete click ‘Confirm’ in upper right. You will now see an auto-generated registration number for the purchase order under “Reg nr”.

Your Purchase Order has now been created and confirmed. It is located under PURCHASES module by selecting “Confirmed purchase orders” tab:

The Purchase Order is considered sent out your supplier, but the goods are NOT yet registered into your inventory.


If you’d like to send your PO to your supplier from ERPLY, you can do this from under the ‘more’ button.  The email will appear to come from the email address of the User who is currently logged in, and said user must have an email address in the system for emails to send.


When the goods arrive, locate your Purchase Order and open it to finish the process.


Open PURCHASES Module — Search the Purchase Order by Reg. No, Supplier, time frame, or any other filter fields shown:


Open your Purchase Order, select the ‘More’ tab and hit “Receive Purchase Order”:


Once selected you will notice the layout converts to a Purchase invoice. A new field, ‘Invoice  number’ appears, and you will need to enter the PO # given by the Supplier document:


*If the document does not convert to a ‘Purchase invoice’, but instead to a ‘Purchase invoice-waybill’, you need to go to ‘Configuration’ under SETTINGS module and uncheck ‘Enable purchase waybills and purchase invoices as separate document types”.

*At this point if there are any differences between the amount of goods ordered and what arrived from the supplier, make the changes accordingly.


Once complete Select ‘Confirm’.




At this point delivered items have now been added to your Inventory. You can print the document:


According to the example, we are still awaiting delivery for the other goods (10 Egyptian Cotton & 10 Barkcloth)


Lets assume that a week passes and the rest of the items arrive.




Open up PURCHASES module, and search for the original Purchase Order.

* Searching Original PO also brings up the “Purchase Invoice” related (from which partial order was received)

*If multiple partial orders are received, all of which will be displayed when searching original PO:

To receive the partial order against the PO, select ‘More’ and click ‘Receive purchase order’::

This time, ONLY the undelivered items (that were not yet received from Original PO document) are displayed to be received:

You can again edit what was received, and we’ll assume the rest of the items arrived. Click ‘Confirm’, when done.


-You will see that this Original PURCHASE ORDER (NO. 3) has listed on the far right, all PURCHASE INVOICE documents related to it for reference


*This can be re-opened by clicking the  > symbol next to it:


*If another partial order is received against this PO, follow the same process to receive it against the original.