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Creating Customers & Customer Groups – Berlin

Customer Cards

Creating customers is a great way to keep track of individual sales and customer information. While creating a customer is not necessary for basic sales, it is needed to keep track of Rewards Points and certain customer specific promotions.

To create a customer from the Back Office, navigate to the CUSTOMERS module and click the “+” next to “Customers” in the dropdown menu. Fill out as much or as little information as needed.

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customer card

Customer Groups

IMPORTANT: If you delete any groups, all tiers located in that group will also be deleted. Before deleting, double check all included groups. All deletions areĀ final.

You must assign each new customer to a Customer Group. Customer Groups help keep track of the customers that you interact with. Customer Groups can be as vague or detailed as you require; it is entirely up to you. Commonly created groups may separate customers by which location they frequent, whether they are part of a rewards program, or membership tiers.

To view current Customer Groups, navigate to the SETTINGS module and select “Set Up Customer Groups.”
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This will show a collection of folders. These are your Customer Groups. To add a new group, right click on the tree and select “+ Add.” This will add a subgroup.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.54.39 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.57.02 AM

You can changeĀ a subgroup to a main group in two ways: drag and drop the folder to the main tree until a green check mark appears, or edit it under “Belongs to Group” by selecting the blank option.

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You can also add new Customer Groups quickly under the Customer Card by selecting “Add New…” when assigning a group.

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