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Creating & Using Bundles – Berlin

In ERPLY, you can combine products that you want to sell together as one. When you create a bundle ERPLY will pull the products included in the recipe out of inventory every time the bundle is sold.

1) Create a new product by navigating to the PIM module and selecting the “+” next to “Product Catalog” in the dropdown menu.

Product Catalog

2) Navigate to the “Type” menu in the Product Card, and select “Bundle.” Check the setting labeled “non-stock product or service.” Continue filling out the information. This includes choosing a name, price, product group, and identifier codes.

type bundlenon-stock product

Once this information is entered, select save in the top right corner.
After you save, you will see this message:

5) In the bottom bar, you will now see a button labeled “Recipe.” If the bottom bar is hidden, you can unhide it by clicking the yellow arrow button on the bottom left of your screen.

recipe button

This is where you will select the products and quantity of products which are included in the bundle.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.36.15 PM

6) Select save in the top right corner again and your bundle is ready to be sold.

In the “Product Catalog,” any Bundle item will have a “B” listed next to it.

view in product cat

A bundle does not have inventory. When selling a bundle, components are deducted from stock individually.

In the example screenshots above, we have created the bundled product “Blanket Fort.” It contains 1 blanket, 1 flashlight, and 3 pillows. If a customer purchases a Blanket Fort bundle, it will be reflected in the inventory as -1 blanket, -1 flashlight, and -3 pillows.


The COGS Report for Bundles can be run in two different ways.


  1. Showing bundles as bundles – This will show all COGS data on bundle sales listed on a separate line.
  2. Showing them as separate items – This combines the warehouse price of the items and measures it against the price you sold the bundle for.