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Customer Loyalty Program In ERPLY

Loyalty programs in ERPLY are points-based systems which reward points to customers based on pre-tax dollars spent at your store. Loyalty programs can be used to reward your most loyal customers with discounts or free items, as well as to encourage customer tracking for all of your customers, to let you see who your customers are and what they like.

Customers can be assigned “Customer loyalty” codes, which can be printed on bar-coded Loyalty cards for easy scanning. This encourages your customers to participate in customer tracking while making it easy for your employees to make sure everyone gets the right credit for the purchase.


Customer Management for Loyalty Program


Loyalty Code assignment

Loyalty codes are the numbers assigned to your customers that identify them and match them to their customer records in the ERPLY system.  Customer Loyalty codes can be used to search for your customers at POS or in the backoffice, and turning them into barcodes that can be scanned at the POS is a great way to reduce employee error and customer mismatch.


Assigning Loyalty codes in TouchPOS

Click on the + icon to open up the Customers list. Edit the customer which you want to add a loyalty code for.

Click EDIT and this will open the Customer’s card. Enter the loyalty code into the “Card Number” field, then hit SAVE.


Assigning Loyalty Codes in WinPOS

Select FIND CUSTOMER to bring up your customer list. Select the customer from the list.

The customer selected is now assigned to this sale. Next to their name is the amount of loyalty points he/she has.

Once a customer is selected, the EDIT CUSTOMER button will be clickable. It is grayed out and unusable on the default POS Customer.


The Customer card will open, and here you can edit information on the customer. The loyalty code can be added in the “Client Card” field.

Once you are done editing, click SAVE. You should receive the “Customer Successfully Changed” screen.


Assigning loyalty codes in the Back office

Go to the CUSTOMERS < All Customers:

This will bring up your entire customer list, go ahead and select a customer. This will open up the customer card, enter the loyalty code in the “Customer loyalty card code” field, then hit SAVE.

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Creating Loyalty cards with Actual Reports

Loyalty card can be created and customized with Actual Reports to your liking. First, you need to make a handful of generic loyalty cards in Actual Reports, with codes included generated by Excel. As people sign up for your loyalty program, scan the barcode into the right field on the POS customer edit tool.

Go to INVENTORY > Product List, then select “Print Labels with Actual Reports”

Select “Design a template with Actual Reports”

This Loyalty card template was designed with Actual Reports, it can generate barcodes out of the loyalty number. Loyalty card can consist of company logo, company address, company email, terms and conditions, and more.


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Setting up your Loyalty Program:

A loyalty program has two components to it: how to earn the points, and how to spend the points.  In ERPLY, points are earned on every purchase on the pre-tax sum, based on settings in settings-> configuration, or product groups.  Specific items or Non-stock Items and Services may be excluded from accruing loyalty points as well.


Accruing Points

This section will go over defining how Loyalty Points are earned  in three different ways:

  • Defining General Dollars Spent per Loyalty Point Earned

  • Defining Loyalty Points by Product Group

  • To exempt an Item from the Loyalty Program


Defining General Dollars Spent per Loyalty Point Earned


Under “Invoices and sales”, find field “for all purchase, customer collects:”

Define “x” reward points per $1.  This may be set in whole numbers or in decimals (if you must spend 10 dollars to earn one point, then .1 should be used). When awarding fractional points per dollar, everything after the decimal gets drop, so the customer receives the whole point per sale.

ex. I set 1.4 points per dollar and the customer spends $2. Instead of receiving 2.8 points, customer gets 2 loyalty points.

*Reward points are valid for: define the # of months this loyalty program will be effective.   This expiration rate is used for all points accrued, no matter where they are set.

**If blank, then the rewards points do not expire


Defining Loyalty Points by Product Group

Open INVENTORY > Product and Service Groups

Right click on the Product or Service Group you’d like to change, and select ‘edit’

Fill in the number of Loyalty Points that a purchase from this Group should award.  Putting a zero here will cause this whole group (but not subgroups) to not award Loyalty points.


To exempt an Item from the Loyalty Program

-Go to INVENTORY->Product List then select the item to open the Product card.

-On the product card there is a checkbox for

“This item does not grant customer reward points”

Select that box, and save.  This item, when sold, will no longer grant rewards points.

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Spending Points

Spending Loyalty Points in ERPLY is accomplished through our Sales Promotions module, and can vary based on which POS version you are using.  Differences will be noted in this guide, but if you have questions feel free to email us at support@erply.com or call us.


Creating the Loyalty Program (promotion) rules:


-Click NEW + to create a new promotion:

Give title to new promotion, start date, and define rules — SAVE

*If ‘end date’ is blank, then this promotion will never expire.

Ex below: Customer must redeem 500 loyalty points to get $10 off purchase:


Creating a Coupon to redeem your Loyalty Points

-Open RETAIL CHAIN > Coupon Rules

Click ‘New’ to create a new coupon.

Give your coupon a name, and indicate that it should be printed automatically from POS. Use the dropdown to indicate that it should print after the requisite number of rewards points, then indicate the number of rewards points below.  (TouchPOS will only deduct points on coupon redemption, not on printing! That is setup in the promotion setup, above.)

Select the promotion you’d like this coupon to apply to the sale (the one you created above), and how much it costs to print this coupon.

Add in the description of the promotion and any terms you may have.

Indicate a issued from date, and an end date if you want one.

SAVE this screen.

Loyalty Program is now set to be used.

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Using your Loyalty Program

Once you have set up how the points accrue to your customer, and what you’d like to give your customers for their loyalty, you are ready to begin issuing and redeeming loyalty points.

Loyalty point balances can be checked and adjusted on the customer card for each customer.


In TouchPOS:


Accruing Loyalty Points at TouchPOS register:

Add a customer to the sale, then tender the sale as normal.

Example: Select the + icon to bring up your customer list.

Select the customer by clicking on the green button next to their name, or by scanning/typing their loyalty card number into the search (magnifying glass) box.

The customer you selected is now assign to this sale. Next to their name is the amount of loyalty points this customer has. You must select a customer that has loyalty points in order to use a coupon that will redeem points.


Redeeming Loyalty Rewards at TouchPOS register:

TouchPOS redeems loyalty points by coupon.  The printed and issued coupons have unique serial numbers and should print with a barcode on them if you intend to scan these into the system.

First, build the sale, and add a customer.  Then, prior to tendering the sale, select ‘Sale Options’ then ‘Add Coupons’

From this screen, type or scan in the serial number of the coupon, then hit ‘OK’


In winPOS:


Accruing Loyalty Points at POS register:

At POS – be sure to choose your customer (if not, no points will be accrued)

Example: Ben Bernake is making a  transaction for $800. This is to demonstrate how points are allocated:

-To view a Customer’s loyalty points, go to the CUSTOMERS module, and select the customer account in the back-end:

Here is the customer card, the $800 is reflected in reward points for sale above:


Redeeming Loyalty Rewards at winPOS register:

Using a coupon:

Use the ‘Add Coupons’ button. Scan or type the unique coupon code into the search field, and hit ok.


Using The ‘Loyalty Offers’ button

-Add customer to CUSTOMER field :

*Customer’s loyalty points are displayed next to the name

-Add an item to the transaction:

-Before ringing up the sale, select button ‘Loyalty Offers’ from lower right button cluster:

-A window opens showing all active loyalty promotions.

-Select a promotion from “Available loyalty offers” and click the “>>” button to move the promotion over to “selected loyalty offers”:

*Notice that window also shows the customer’s available points

-Press OK button to apply, product cost should now reflect the $10 off:

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