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This module allows you to enter in your customers or Companies into the system. You can add contact information and many different attributes for your customers.

Customer’s Module Menu:

Add company allows you to add an Organization and contact personnel. (Company name, business type, phone #, addresses, etc..)

Add person allows you to add a single customer into your account. (first name, last name, phone #, address, etc..)

Import from CSV / TXT file allows you to import all of your customer data from a CSV and text file. (csv file needs to be converted into a text file)

If you click on Print view, you will notice a pop-up window in spreadsheet type format with a list of your customers and corresponding contact information. (Note: customer list is based on the number of results per page.)

Filter allows you to search your customer database based on many different filter options.

You can search your customer list by ,Name, Group, Address, Customer loyalty card code, and Organizational type.

When clicked on, you will notice this screen below:

For example, if you type in a customer name into the “Name” field in the filter screen, and click on show, the system will show you a list of all corresponding matches.

Customer list:

The “x” icon on the far right of each customer line allows you to delete the customer from your database.

Adding a new customer:

Step 1: click on the “customers” module located on the top left of your ERPLY homepage.

Step 2: click on “add person” to add a single customer into your database.

Step 3: Enter in all of your customer information. (ex: phone, lastname, email, etc..)

-On the top right-hand side of the customer card there is a payment deadline and overdue payment penalty field. Here you can input a timeframe for the customer to pay off their balance. Under you can apply a penalty percent fee that will be applied on late balances

Step 4: click on “save” to complete your entry