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TouchPOS: Email Receipts

– In order to email receipts, the employee conducting the transaction must have their email address saved onto their employee card.

– To save an email address into an employee card, you must first click on the settings module located on the top.

– Click on company and staff from the left scroll, and then choose the employee.

– Pull up the Employee Card. Input the email address  you’d like receipts from this employee to appear to come from into the email box. Click save on the top right corner.

– The customers’ email address also should be saved into their customer card.

– To save an email address into a customer’s card, you must first click on the customers module located on the top left of screen.

-You then choose the customer’s card you want to modify by their name from the left scroll or you can search for them through the filter.

– Once you select the customer, their card will pull up. You then can fill in the email textbox accordingly. It is very important to click save on the top right corner.

-When you are starting your sale, you must choose the customer from the POS by clicking the + sign on right.

-Your customer list will then generate, and you can either search for them by typing in their name on the top right text box or simply clicking their name from the list.

-You will then notice your customers name in the POS screen.

Once you sell out an item, and you complete the transaction. The POS will ask you if you want to either print the receipt and/or email the receipt. Because you selected the customer from the list, their email will already be inputted .

By selecting OK, the receipt will be emailed.