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Employee and User Setup

Creating Usergroups(defines user rights), adding Employees, and creating User logins in ERPLY

1. First step is to define your Usergroups, and rights associated with them

-Click open SETTINGS–Scroll down and open USERGROUPS:
-You can edit existing USERGROUPS by clicking them open, or add new using the NEW + button:

-Once open, you will see a variety of rights that you can modify for the selected USERGROUP
Main modules- relate to the Icons displayed across the top of ERPLY

– You can select from each one, if the USERGROUP can View-Add-Edit-Delete in that module.

-Take your time with setting these rights, be sure to analyze what exactley you want each USERGROUP to do in ERPLY. Once all set up adding a new user , and linking him to the corresponding USERGROUP and rights is very simple, fast process- you want to be sure that the group you relate them with is sufficient.

*Setting all to Blank- will cause the Icon to disappear when members of this USERGROUP login.

After you have defined all rights on this card–SAVE (in upper right) to confirm the settings.
– Now that Usergroups have been defined, next step is to Add your Employees to the system.

2. Adding Employees into ERPLY

-SETTINGS—EMPLOYEES (or Company & Staff)—NEW+

– Employee card opens– fill necessary data—SAVE

-Once Saved Grey Button Appears “Create User Account” on lower left of screen:

* This is step one of the process- your employee is now set up (time clock can be utilized)
-Last step is to Create a User for this Employee in order for them to login and access the system.

3. Creating Users login credentials

-Click open “CREATE USER ACCOUNT” button–User Card displays

-Here you give the Employee Username and password, and choose from the drop down which USERGROUP the belong to (corresponds to rights set up in step 1 above)

*You will notice there are a few more User specific rights you can define on the right.

– Be sure to select only the locations from which you would like this user to access the system
*Checking box for more than one will give user access to multiple locations:

-Once saved you will see that Employee and User are defined- you can change an employees login password by clicking (password) and defining new: