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Exporting Inventory List

Exporting your inventory list may be a helpful thing to do if you’d like to update your inventory via import, or if you just want to assess it in excel.


To do this, first make sure you’re logged in with a user who has permissions to export your inventory.  You may not want all of your employees to be able to do this. Select the user group you’d like to give this permission to in Settings->  User Groups, and make sure the checkbox for ‘Export product list and Inventory’ is selected.

Once selected, when you go to your Inventory Module and select the ‘More’ option, you will be able to select ‘Export’

In the new screen, you can select what you’d like to export.   You have the option of narrowing down products by Brand, Product Group, Category, Supplier, Priority group, Product status, Location, and whether or not they’re in stock. This will create an excel document of your inventory information for the selected products.

** please note, this process only works in accounts with the 2013 update. You can see your ERPLY version in the lower right corner of manager when you are logged in.


The provided file will have the column headers of:


UPC code


Manufacturer Code

Product Group



Net Sales Price

Sale Price With Tax

Product Cost (as inputted, NOT warehouse value!)

Weight in lbs

Packed Weight


Country of Origin

Usual Delivery Time

Tax %

Product Category

Manufacturer Code

Location in Warehouse



Priority Group

Show in Webshop

Non-stock Item

Length (in)

Width (in)

height (in)

Volume (fl oz.)

Item is orderable only in multiples of

in Stock