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Extending Store Credit – Berlin

This article will detail how to extend store credit to your customers. It is important to note that this is a line of credit you will be extending to your customers, and will allow them to leave the premises without making payment. You will be required to recover payment from them at a later date. This differs from prepaid store credit, which allows your customers to store credit on their account for use at a later date. Prepaid store credit is detailed in this support article.

This process will require that you have enabled store credit at the register level, which is detailed in another article, found here.

Each customer must have a credit limit set. To do this, first, locate the customer card in the back office for the customer you want to extend credit to. In the gray bar on the left-hand side, under Sales, you will find the relevant settings for extending store credit. At the very least, you need to set a Payment Deadline and Credit Limit. If you do not wish to use a deadline, you can set the deadline to 0.


After you have done this, save your changes. You’ll note that the credit limit and available credit is now shown at the top of the customer card, and you can run a balance report.


To tender a sale with Store Credit, first select the customer in the POS, then ring the items as you normally would. Hitting the Pay button at the end of the sale will show you the customer’s credit limit at the top of the popup window, and clicking the Store Credit button will put the sale towards the customer’s credit. After you have done this, click the check button to complete the sale.


The receipt will reflect that this sale was added to the customer’s store account.


Running a balance report from the customer card in the back office will now reflect the sale we just put through.


To generate a list of everything due on customer store credit accounts, go to Reports/Overdue Invoices, and select Customers Total Due.