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Gift Card Set Up & Use – Berlin

At a Glance

  • Setting up Gift Cards as a Product

    Navigate to the PIM Module and in the dropdown menu select the “+” next to “Product Catalog” to create a new product.

    PIM catalog


    Create a product as normal, entering item code, name, price, etc. If these are serialized Gift Cards, check the box labeled “This product is a serial numbered gift card.” If not, check the box labeled “This product is a regular gift card.” Click the check box reading “tax free in all locations” as well.

    If you want to set denominations for gift cards, enter the appropriate price ($25, $50, $100 etc).
    If you plan to let customer choose any amount, leave the price at $0 and change it at the time of purchase.



    Once this information is set, select “save” and your gift card product has been created.




    Selling a Gift Card

    Search for gift cards by product name or code, and select the gift card desired if you have multiple gift card products.



    Enter the serial number that will be assigned to the gift card (if required) and save.

    gc serial

    If the gift card has a set amount, the price will display. If not predefined, enter the amount requested by the customer (changed to $10 in below example).




    Tender sale and take payment.


    Once the sale is complete you will be able to see information on this gift card by selecting ‘Gift Cards’ in the Inventory module.

    “Active” and “Pending” gift cards can still be redeemed.

    “Redeemed” cards no longer hold a balance.




    Redeeming Gift Cards

    When ringing out a customer, select the yellow gift card button as payment.

    gc pay

    Enter/Scan in the serial number (if required)

    pay 2

    Confirm and Enter. 

    pay 3

    If the gift card cannot cover the full balance, an additional form of payment is required.
    Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.02.58 AM