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How to adjust a day open/close

Sign into your account with enough permissions to see and edit the Day Openings and Closings.

If you do not have enough credentials to see that option, then have your administer change your credentials. More details on that here: http://support.erply.com/user-groups/


Go to Settings -> POS -> Day openings and Closings.



In the right hand menu box, find the day of interest, and click on it to open the dialogue.

Once open, adjust the open time, close time, or monetary details, then save.

One of the most common x-report issues is that the x report will print information from many days.  If you are seeing this issue, you probably have an unclosed day somewhere in that register’s history.  To find it, click on the column heading for ‘closed’.  This will sort the unclosed days to the top.  You can then either close the day with the relevant information, or delete it entirely.