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Blocking Employees in ERPLY – Berlin

Deleting employees will cause errors in your historical data and remove the employee from sales, documents, reports, and time clock records. This is not advised. You cannot reestablish deleted employees or any associated information.


Change the Password

Update and change any passwords the terminated employee may have had access to. This can be done under the User’s Card.
This is an important step because ERPLY is accessible from the internet. As long as they have a password, they’re able to log in anywhere at any time.

Create a “Former Employee” User Group

This User Group will have no permissions enabled. All users put into this user group will be unable to access anything from the ERPLY Back Office or Point of Sale.
When creating the user group, ensure that all possible settings are unchecked or blank. To review how to create a User Group, see the documentation below.
Place any terminated employees into this group. Deleting them will remove any history associated with them.

Final Payroll Cycle

Once final payroll report for that employee has been run, remove employee’s rights to all locations.
This is found at the bottom of the Employee Card.


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