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How to Use a Waybill Document – Berlin

Waybills are a Back Office sales document. They are not used at the Point Of Sale. Waybills are used for inventory purposes, when you create a waybill it pulls the items out of inventory, but does not accept payment.

At a Glance

Create a Waybill Document

To create a Waybill document, select ‘Invoices’ in the dropdown menu under the ‘Sales’ module.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.27.19 PM

From here, select ‘New’ on the Invoices page that appears.

‘Waybill’ can be selected as the Type in the grey menu bar on the left.

Fields highlighted in red must be filled out.

create waybill

On the bottom of the page you can add the product/service with the amount, what unit, a discount if available, the price, and select the tax rate. You can type the product/service name into the form or search for existing product/service by clicking the buttons in the form.

Click ‘Save’ to save the document, or click ‘Confirm’. Once confirmed, you can no longer edit the document. Your current stock of the product in the waybill will decrease by the amount in the waybill document.

Group Multiple Waybills Into One Invoice

Under the ‘Sales’ module, select ‘Invoices’. Here there is a selection of waybills. Check off the waybills you want to group into an invoice. When done select the F4 button (with three dots) on the bottom of the screen.

Here the following options will appear, select which you desire:

  • Create purchase orders for selected prepayments
  • Create invoice from selected waybills

For information on both of these options, follow through to our prepayments guide or  Invoice guide.