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How to use Prepayment Sales Document

Prepayment Invoice is used in situation where a customer will be making more than one payment for the goods. The process is, generally, create the prepayment invoice, add any applicable payments. When the Prepayment Invoice is to be paid off, you will use a ‘more’ action to generate an Invoice-Waybill that is linked to the Prepayment Invoice.  At this time, the prepayment invoice is considered fulfilled, the payments are transferred to the invoice, and the Item is removed from inventory.


  • Commonly used for more expensive items

  • This document does NOT pull items from inventory until Invoice is created- Explanation below

  • This document allows you to take advance payment on the invoice- you  can utilize the “prepayment %- Advance payment” (below in yellow) to calculate payment amounts.

  • Can also utilize a “shipping date” if it is after the date of document creation.

Processing a Prepayment-Invoice:

  1. Open a new sales document, and select ‘Prepayment Invoice’

  2. Fill in the necessary information.

This is much like filling out any sales document in ERPLY, for general fields, please see the tutorial on creating an Invoice.  Prepayment invoices do, however, have a few special fields. The Prepayment % Field, and Advance Payment Field Will tell you how much prepayment to collect based on your specified percentage.  The Shipping date field can be used to indicate the date at which this item is to be sent to the customer, if it is not date of creation.

  1. Payments to the PREPAYMENT INVOICE- are made by selecting MORE –INSERT PAYMENT

  2. You can see all recorded payments towards this PREPAYMENT INVOICE under the PAYMENTS tab

    1. You can insert as many payments as you would like- they will all be recorded here.

    2. Payment on Prepayment invoice does not remove item from inventory

  3. Next, Finalize this document by creating an Invoice-Waybill from the PREPAYMENT Invoice to pull goods from stock, and fulfill billing.


    1. Once selected

      1. PREPAYMENT INVOICE will be fulfilled

      2. An INVOICE-WAYBILL to reflect the sale, payments, and movement of product will be created

      3. On the new invoice the prepayments will be reflected as well as the remaining Sum to be paid:

    2. Once SAVED

      1. Inventory is now pulled from stock

      2. The created INVOICE WAYBILL is linked with the PREPAYMENT INVOICE it was created from.

  5. You can insert final payment using MORE–INSERT PAYMENT on the new Invoice-Waybill.

  6. At this point the Prepayment invoice process has been completed, inventory has left stock, payments have been made. You can print or email theinvoice waybill from the ‘More’ options button.