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Importing Purchase Invoices

  1. Go to Purchases module band select ”new purchase invoice”

  2. Enter dates, supplier, and invoice number.  Make note of the invoice number(s) you create, you will need them later.  You will also want to set location where this is being received. and save.  You’ve now created a blank purchase invoice that you can import the products you are receiving onto.

  3. Create your import spreadsheet. Please see the template that goes with this tutorial.  If you don’t have access to the template you can create your own with this guide:

    1. Required file layout:

      1. Column A – Purchase invoice #

      2. Column B – Product code

      3. Column C – UPC code

      4. Column D – Product name

      5. Column E – Amount

      6. Column F – Wholesale price (w/o tax)

      7. Column G – Discount from aforementioned price

      8. Column H – Tax rate

    2. Additional information about the product (will be added to product card):

      1. Column J – Unit

      2. Column K – Location in warehouse

      3. Column L – Product group

      4. Column M – Sales price (w/o tax)

      5. Column N – Sales price with tax

      6. Column O – Supplier

      7. Column P – Description


  1. Add your data to the sheet and save as UNICODE text file.

    1. You may import information for more than one purchase invoice from one import sheet.

    2. Any invoices you’re importing to must be already created and numbered in the system.

    3. New products will be created in the system if there is no match for them by Code, UPC code or name.


  1. There are two methods of accessing the import module.

    a) Go to “Import PI from TXT…” under “Purchases” module.

    b) Go to “Purchase Invoices” under the “Purchases” module, then click “…” in the QuickNav Bar, and select “Import Purchase Invoices from text file.”


  1. Select the file you’d like to import from (the UNICODE text data sheet you’d created) with the ‘browse’ button.


  1. If your file has a header row (likely) you’ll want to check off the ‘File has a header row’.  If you are changing or adding additional information to your existing products, or have information in columns J-P, you’ll want to select ‘Also update product data’


  1. Import.


  1. Go back to the ‘Purchases’ module and look at your updated purchase invoices. Open up a given purchase invoice and click on “Confirm” to finalize your invoice(s).