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Installing Firefox Add-ons and Configuring Receipt Printer

Please Note: This guide is for a previous version of ERPLY POS, and is no longer needed for users using Berlin POS or newer.  

Note: For usage with ERPLY Web POS, this method is not compatible with our Touch/Salon POS.

1. With ERPLY Mozilla Firefox is necessary Browser- To install this to your register simply visit www.firefox.com to install the latest Version

2. Once Firefox is installed, close your browser and open up in Firefox- this will be your default browser for ERPLY use.

3. Next step is to install necessary add-ons to your Firefox Browser:
-JS Print- Used for quick receipt printing
-Table2clipboard- Used for Exporting to XML (excel)

4. In Firefox browser- Choose Tools—Add-ons from the Toolbar:

5. Use the Search bar (upper right of screen) to search the Add-on to be installed
-once located select INSTALL
-once installed- Firefox will prompt to be restarted,allow it to do so.

– Do the same for Both JS PRINT and TABLE2CLIPBOARD.

6. ** For JS Print- next step is to enable it in you ERPLY account
-Log into ERPLY- Click SETTINGS- CONFIGURATION- and check the box for  “enable JS print”:


Steps to configure your receipt printer & cash drawer in ERPLY

Receipt Printer
1. In Computers Start Menu–Select Devices/printers–set printer (to be used for receipt printing) as default printer

2. Go back to ERPLY–open INVOICES module–and select PRINT button:

-once open select:–file–page setup

3. Open margins Tab–Set all margins to “0”
-Open “headers & footers” Tab– set all to blank–save

4. Open  File again–select print–make sure your printer is set to default
(as did in step1)

* All set to Utilize Receipt printing for ERPLY
* For information on how to utilize Table2Clipboard- please see Guide “step by step Export to Excel”