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Making Sales/Returns In ERPLY back-end

-Creating invoice
-making the return
-relation of original invoice and credit invoice(return)

1. 1st step is to create invoice in Erply back-end

-Open invoices module
-Select NEW+

-Select Invoice-Waybill (see “sales document types” guide for explanation of all types)
-Fill necessary data

-Once Save- # will be assigned to the Invoice-Waybill:

*Invoice creation now complete.

2. Creating Return document from Original Invoice-Waybill

-Locate the original INVOICE –Click to open:


-Page will refresh to “CREDIT INVOICE” Form:
-Clarify which items to be returned
-CONFIRM–SAVE to finalize:

-Once Confirmed–t# will be assigned to the Credit invoice:

3. Relation Between the original invoice & Return(Credit invoice)

-Search in  INVOICES module either the # of Original Invoice, or # of the Credit Invoice(return)

-Once located, you will notice that the related document is listed on the far right  of the line.

-Here you can see search by the Credit Invoice # (100474K), I can see related Invoice (100473 in yellow):

-Can click the link to related document to open and display it.