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Minimum Hardware Requirements

ERPLY is what we call “Hardware Agnostic,” which means, to a very large degree, you can use any hardware you’d like for your POS computer.  That said, you may see some performance problems at the lower end of the performance spectrum. When choosing hardware, we always suggest to try what you already have, and if it works, great! If not, we suggest the following guidelines as a minimum standard for good performance.


Internet speed

Minimum suggested Internet Speed – 2 M/Bs download  /  1 M/Bs upload

Optimal Internet Speed – 6 M/Bs download  /  2 M/Bs upload

Suggested Hardware Specifications

  • 1 GHz  or higher processor  (cpu speed)
  • 1 GB Ram (system memory)
  • 3 GB Hard drive space  (storage space)

Display Requirements   (Windows POS)

  • 1024 x 768  (screen resolution)