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Mobile Physical Stocktaking

Mobile physical stocktaking can be done any mobile devices paired with bluetooth barcode scanners, or with USB barcode scanner pugged into tablets, or less optimally, laptops.

We recommend reading the physical stocktaking tutorial in conjunction with this one to get a well rounded idea of this process. 

Do not create a physical stocktaking while sales are occurring.
The stock level of items in a Physical Stocktaking is generated at the time the document is created. The stock levels on this document do not update as items are sold. Selling items while taking stock will cause errors in the stock level count.

Step 1: Go to “Inventory” >> “Physical Stocktaking- mobile”.


Step 2: Access the presented link on your mobile data scanner.

Step 3:  Sign into the with your Username, Password, and ERPLY Customer code.

Step 4:  Click on “New stocktaking”

Step 5:  Select the location from the drop down menu and click on “Continue”.

Step 6: Check the box for “Rapid scanning”  to scan each item in without confirming each scan. By default the cursor will be in the “Code” field. You can beginning scanning your inventory and each barcode will increase the count by 1. Without rapid scanning, you can scan a barcode then enter how many of that item you’d like to add to the count.

NOTE: The checkbox “Default amount is 1” will just indicate that each scan will document the quantity as being 1 for the specific product being scanned. If you are scanning unopened boxes of items, you can set this to the number of items in each package.



Step 7: Once you have finished scanning all the items, click on “Save”.

Step 8: Go to Inventory>> ”Physical Stocktakings” from ERPLY backend.

Step 9: Open the recently saved stocktaking act that was created from your mobile device or data collector.

Step 10:  Notice that the scanned quantities show in the “counted column”.  If anything is wrong, or counted by hand elsewhere, you can change those counts here.

For any products that you did not physically scan, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the inventory report and click on “enter default amount for the rest of the items”, this will enter in the current stock amount in your ERPLY system.

If you click on “Enter zeros for the rest of items..” this will enter in a “0” into the counted column for all products that were not scanned during your stocktaking act when you used the mobile device or data collector.

Either of these buttons will pop up a warning that this is not reversible.  If you are sure this is how you want to handle your uncounted items, click ok.

Step 11: Click on “Save” and “Confirm” on the Inventory report window.


Once saved your Stocktaking act will display on list on main page  of Stocktaking acts

You will notice

    • the original document is listed and can be reopened (see yellow)
    •  two new documents have been created (see red)
      • Receive Inventory- (listing all inventory items that count > registered in system)
      • Write off Inventory- (listing all inventory items that count < registered in system)


Step 12: Open the”Write off Inventory” and “Receive Inventory” links.  Confirm that the numbers look right, and that the prices the items are being registered in with or written off with are correct.  Registrations by default will populate with the price you last accepted that item in with, and Write-offs will write items off at the cost that those items came in with, according to FIFO rules.

Once you confirm these documents your inventory on hand for the counted location will be up to date and accurate in ERPLY.

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