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Overview: Location Card – Classic

A ‘Location’ in ERPLY is one place where you hold stock.  Stock can be moved between locations, registered into a location, and sold from a location.  Employees can be restricted to seeing information only from location(s) at which they work.  Locations can have one or more registers associated to them. Registers associated to a location will sell stock from only that location.

To get to your location card: in the INVENTORY module, go to ‘Locations’


Once you are in the ‘Locations’ card, click on a particular location:

General tab:

Address: Select an address from the drop down menu. To add an address, you can do so from the company card. To access your company card, click your company’s name on the top in the gray bar.

Your company information is located here:


You can add an address and change the address type:

 Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 2.49.23 PM

After adding an address and clicking the small save icon that will appear on the address line, you will be able to select it from the ‘Location’ card.


Phone: The phone number of your specific location

Fax: Fax number of your specific location

E-mail: E-mail of your specific location

Bank: Your location’s bank

Bank account no.: Your bank account number for your location

Multi-tier tax: You can apply a tax rate depending on the total cost of an invoice.  This supersedes the register’s tax rate.

Warehouse code: Warehouse code for your invoices

Price list: Price lists can be used to discount items in the system

Default customer group: You can select a default customer group for your location

Region or State: You can enter your location’s state, city, town, etc

Store Group: Can be used to group stores in the dashboard or for promotions

Time Zone: Select the city closest to you

Apply local quick selection in this sales location: If the box is checked off, quick selections will be applied to all registers at that particular location

Points of Sale tab:

Displays all the registers at this particular location. You can also create a register in this tab by clicking ‘New’.


Quick Selection tab:

Please see our Quick Selection guide here: Using Quick Selection


Attributes tab:

Advanced user field for webshop/API use