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Physical stocktaking in ERPLY – Classic

Physical stocktaking acts can be used at anytime to double-check and correct inventory amounts in ERPLY vs. physical inventory in store. These consist of a count, then a confirmation of that count in the form of a registration or write off to account for variances. Physical stocktaking acts can only be done for 10k inventory items or less at a time.

Do not create a physical stocktaking while sales are occurring.
The stock level of items in a Physical Stocktaking is generated at the time the document is created. The stock levels on this document do not update as items are sold. Selling items while taking stock will cause errors in the stock level count.

To do a physical stocktaking

1.) Setup the Stocktaking act:


Select Location (store) to be counted, and set necessary filters (product group, supplier etc.).  If you have more than 10,000 items in your inventory list, you will need to filter it down to sets of 10k or fewer using the filtrable fields. 

Select  “Start new Stocktaking”

2.) Once new Act is open- you can now see list of all counts of each item in ERPLY.  Once started, this act can be saved and closed any time you want to pause working on it.

If you want to print out a physical copy of this list you can either use your browser’s print function to do this, or close the act window, and use the ‘more’ button to access the ‘Print Stocktaking Sheet’ function.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 2.38.24 PM

Go through and put your manual counts in to the “COUNTED” field

You will notice that the differences are listed  and appear  color coded:

RED= items counted below what is registered in ERPLY

BLUE= items counted above what is registered in ERPLY

*Layaway column accounts for items that are physically in inventory- but not available for sale

(related to layaway/ prepayment invoice/sales orders)

You have two options to deal with uncounted/blank lines. You can set them all to Zero, and write off any stock that had been in the system, or you can set them to ‘default’ numbers, and not register or write off any items of that type.  The default numbers are good for when ERPLY and your count agree.  Once you hit these buttons, the form will fill in the blanks for you. 

Once complete- SAVE–CONFIRM (in lower right of act)

3.) Once saved, your Stocktaking act will display on list on main Physical Stocktaking page.  Save your document regularly until you’re done working with it.  When done, ‘Confirm’ the stocktaking act to move to the next step.

You will notice that the original document is listed and can be reopened (see yellow)

Also two new documents have been created (see red)

Receive Inventory– (listing all inventory items that count > registered in system)

Write off Inventory– (listing all inventory items that count < registered in system)


4.) Your Inventory database has NOT yet been updated!

The final step is to open up each of these new documents (in red above), and confirm them by hitting SAVE:


Once saved- you will notice that the documents are given a registration No.


5.) Inventory Quantities have now been updated

 You can view these changes at anytime by revisiting the “PHYSICAL STOCKTAKING” tab and located this act.  At this time, the new stock levels and inventory documents will be reflected on the warehouse report for affected items.