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POS iPad App: Setting Up Star TSP 650

Setting Up Star TSP 650 with the ERPLY iPad App – These instructions are for our newer iPad app called ‘POS’.  If you are running our older app ‘Point of Sale’ please consult the guide for that.

1) Plug in Start TSP 650 power cord and an Ethernet cable from the printer to a port on your router.

2) Ensure power button is in off position, hold feed button in front, and then turn switch on

3) One sheet of paper will print out and tear off, after a few seconds another will print

4) On the second sheet of paper locate the area on the bottom that says “Current IP Parameter   Status”

5) Go to your iPad and select Settings icon

6) Scroll down to and select “POS” under Apps


For the Star Micronics TSP650 with Ethernet interface select:


– Printer to Star Micronics Ethernet

– Width to 3 inch

-TCP Address to the IP address you retrieved in Step 4

11) Select home key to go back to and open up the POS app


12) Log in process transaction as normal and receipt will print from the TSP 650 when transaction is complete