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Prepaid Store Credit – Berlin

Using prepaid store credit will allow your customers to prepay an amount of money to use later on purchases at your store. This differs from extended store credit, which allows you to offer credit to your customer without prior payment, and is detailed in this support article.

The first step, if you have not done so already, is to enable store credit in the back office. This process is detailed in this support article.

To add store credit to a customer’s account, first select the customer in the POS, then click on their name to bring up the customer card.


On the customer card, click the dollar sign icon


This will bring up a screen which prompts you for the amount of credit the customer wishes to add. Enter the amount here.


From here, you can tender the sale like any other sale.

Once a customer has prepaid credit associated with their account, it is treated the same as extended credit. For details on tendering a sale using credit and running a balance report, please refer to this support article.


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