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Printer Troubleshooting

If a printer is not working properly with the ERPLY system, these troubleshooting steps may help:

1. Attempt to print a test page through the printer driver.  If this doesn’t work, reinstall printer, or consult your printer manufacturer.

2. On your desktop, go to Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. Select the printer and confirm that the status = “Ready.”

  • If status is not “ready,” unplug the printer for at least 30 seconds and plug it back in.

  • If status does not change you may need to contact your printer’s manufacturer.

If you’re running the WindowsPOS continue to step 3.

If you’re running the web based TouchPOS proceed to step 6.


3. While logged into the WindowsPOS, select “settings,” then the “printing” tab, and confirm that the correct printer is selected.

  • If the printer set as the default printer is on the terminal then “default” printer can be selected. If not, select the correct printer.
  • We advise manually selecting your receipt printer, even if your receipt printer is the “default” on the system.

4.  Save the new settings, then close out of the application and log back in.

5.  If you are using an EPSON printer, you might try toggling the “direct print” button.  When direct printing is on, the receipts are printed via the printer software instead of being parsed by ERPLY software.  This generally makes less attractive receipts, but can fix bad behavior, formatting, and speed issues.



6. Check the browser that is being used. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  ERPLY is not supported on Internet Explorer.

7.  Print a page (any page) to your receipt printer. This sets your receipt printer to the default printer for that browser.  

  • In Chrome and Firefox, the “default” printer is the last printer used. Often, when printing has been working but now stops, it is because the wrong printer is selected.

  • To keep the default printer selected properly, we recommend specifying one browser for ERPLY and another browser for all other internet jobs.

8. Under the configurations setting in your account, make sure that the automatic print option is selected.

9. Make sure the Erply Services App is running and the correct printer is selected under the settings.

  • If you need the Erply Services App (EPSI) you can download and install it from the Settings Menu within TouchPOS Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 12.47.31 PM

10. Sign out and sign back into the POS. 

*For iPad printing using the Star TSP 650, see our guide here.*

Still need help? Email us at support@erply.com