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Product and Service Groups

To learn about creating product and service groups please see Creating Product Groups and Adding Products

  • Product and service groups are your main classification for your products. Product Group is a required field on the product card.

  • These are used in your accounting software, for promotions, reporting, tax rates, and general organization.

  • Product groups are also functional in Touch/LikePOS and the Windows POS for grouping quick buttons.

  • Product groups can be nested to form a tree, and can be dragged and dropped to arrange groups and subgroups. Right clicking on the product group in the tree will give you additional options of ‘add, rename, edit, delete’.

  • You can import your products directly to product groups, even in a tree structure, so long as each group has a unique name. See our guide on ‘importing to complex product group trees’ for more help on this, or speak to a support representative.

Illustration: Edit cards for the parent product groups allow you to specify your Quickbooks credit and debit accounts for Quickbooks export. These will include information for any products in subgroups within this parent group. You can also set tax rates by location within the product group.

Illustration: The Product Group ‘Edit’ screen. This is where you designate tax rates, and if the product group will show in webshop.