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Utilizing Quotes Module in ERPLY
-Quotes can reside  in 3 stages in ERPLY- here are explanations for each

1) Saved Quote- this is when a quote has been created but not technically finalized. This allows for it to be edited before confirmed (ex. products need to be added, or perhaps 1 usergroup in company has right to create quotes, and a superior would do 2nd step of approving the quote) –

– you will notice that if a Quote is saved and not confirmed- there is no option to “create invoice” in the MORE menu:

Saved quotes can be filtered by selecting Status type “in preparation”

2) Confirmed Quote-  This is the finalized quote, you will notice that in this state the quote now has a time stamp next to the date of when the quote was actually confirmed, and there is also a “history” menu that will show you the activity of the quote (if someone created and saved, and another employee confirmed for example):

You will see more MORE menu you can now create invoice from Confirmed quote:

3) Confirmed Quote w/invoice created- this is the status after the Invoice has been created from the quote and saved  and/or confirmed. You can see that the Invoice # is now listed on the line of the quote for reference- this invoice # is also click-able to open the invoice associated: