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Receiving Inventory against a PO and accounting for unshipped items

1.Create a PO in ERPLY

-using the Purchases Module- you will choose to create a new Purchase Order (PO)

Create new Purchase Order

-Once in make sure you specify type as “purchase order” from dropdown:

Next step is to add the items that you will be ordering (1 PO per supplier)- using the table below, you can search an item by beginning to type the name, scanning the SKU, or selecting the item from table using the select hyperlink:

Selecting items


Add all items that you need to order from this supplier here, you can add more using the “add row” button:

Add more items

Once all items have been added (with prices)- you can confirm—and save this PO.


2. When inventory arrives at store, you can locate and open this PO under the Purchases module- by using filters- you can filter PO’s by date- #, Supplier, and other options using the filter option:

Filtering Purchase Orders


Once PO is located- open it up by clicking on it-once open you use the option “More” —CREATE PURCHASE INVOICE to receive against the PO – At this point you will still keep ALL items in PO- do NOT delete anything:

Create Purchase invoice


Once converted the Form will change and you will now see the PURCHASE INVOICE

** Now is when you can specify any items that did not arrive.

You can either delete inventory item out of PI completely using the “x” on far right hand side of item, or you can adjust quantities received of an item using the “amount” tab:

Adjusting quantities


For this example you can see that I deleted out the 3rd item completely, and also adjusted the quantity on the first item from 50 to 48 received on PI:



After I specify needed changes- next step is to Confirm—and save the PI

-After doing so you will notice there is another option listed under the “MORE” menu; “LIST OF UNDELIVERED ITEMS


3. Once you select this option “list of undelivered items” , a new window will appear showing the items on the Original PO that did not arrive

(you can see that the system added the two missing of the first item (48 of 50 arrived as specified on PI), along with total amount ordered of the 3rd item on original PI that was deleted:

Create new PO

4. Using the “create new purchase order” tab the system will auto generate a new PO to be sent to supplier for items not received, ready to be sent out again with all necessary fields auto filled

Purchase Order