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Report Generator: Zip Code Report

Using the Report Generator, you are able to create certain reports tailored towards you. In this example, ERPLY will show you how to create a report displaying customers’ sales and their zip codes. Here’s how to get the same report as us.

Select the tables:
Sales Document
Company or person (Customer)

Sales Document Table
Select the following fields:
Number (Invoice number)
Date (check off “Order by”)
Net Total (”display total” will display the total for each customer)


Customer or person (Customer)
Select following tables:
Name (select “Grouped by”)
Zip Code (set “>” to 1, this way the report will show only customers who have a zip code defined)


Finally, save your report and open it up to get the Zip Code report:


Associated Guide

ERPLY Report Generator: http://support.erply.com/erply-report-generator/

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