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Returning to a Gift Card

When returning an item, you can choose to give the customer a gift card of equal amount to redeem at a later time. To do this, you must first have gift cards set up both as a payment type and as an item for sale.
NOTE: When creating a gift card for returns, the gift card’s default amount must be set to $0.00. This will prompt the POS to notify the cashier to input an amount.

Our step by step guide for setting up gift cards is located here.
Our step by step guide on how to process returns is located here.

First, process the return as normal, but do not take payment. The price in the “Total” should be a negative amount.

return GC

Next, select the gift card option with a zero amount. It will prompt you to input an amount. This amount should exactly match the total amount shown in the cart, but positive.

Blank GC

input amount

The total on the receipt should now read $0.00.

balance null

Finally, ring out the sale. Confirm the transaction total is $0.00. The sale amount has now been refunded and is loaded onto the gift card.

balance payment