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Returns to Offline Inventory – Berlin

There may be times when you will need to process a return on items which are damaged, incorrect, or otherwise unfit to sell. In an instance like this, you may wish to prevent this inventory from re-entering your available inventory. This can be done by setting up ERPLY to process some returns directly to offline inventory in a location reserved specifically for returned stock which is unable to be re-sold.

First, create a location to which these items will be returned. In our example, we are using a location called “Do Not Restock.” For more information on setting up new locations, see our Locations guide.

Next, set up reason codes for your returns. These can be set up under Settings > Configuration. The setting will be found at the bottom of the grey sidebar to the left, under “Other Settings.”

Reason codes are useful for tracking the reasons for your returns, write-offs, and other functions. There are some common reasons which may apply to your inventory as defaults in ERPLY, but you can add return reasons by clicking “New.” Select the reasons you would like to apply to your returns using the check boxes to the left of the reason codes.

If you are setting up new reason codes, you will be required to select a name (the reason associated with the code), a type, and the purpose of the code. In this example, you would want any new reasons set up as shown below.

You can now configure your settings to allow returns to populate at a new location. Go back to Settings > Configuration, and scroll to the heading for “Inventory and Return – Enable Extra Features,” near the bottom of the right-hand column. Click the box beside the option that reads “Enable discount and return reason codes on sales invoices (optionally, returned items can be automatically transferred to another warehouse).”

Click “Save,” then refresh the screen. This will bring up some new configuration options. Scroll down until you find the text reading “If an item is returned with the following reason codes, it is automatically transferred to offline inventory,” in the left hand column, just above the Reward Points header.

This field will allow you to select the reason codes which will send a returned product to offline inventory. Select the applicable reason codes. If there are more than one, hold the Alt key and select each option so they are all highlighted at once. Choosing one of these reasons at the point of sale will send returned items to offline inventory. You can also select your offline inventory location in the dropdown menu directly below the reason codes. In the example above, you will see “broken items” highlighted under reason codes, and our new location “Do Not Restock” selected as the return inventory destination. Click “Save” when all selections are properly made.

ERPLY is now set up to accept returns to offline inventory. Log in to your POS, or refresh your screen if already logged in. To process a return, follow the standard return procedure. You will be asked to choose a reason code to apply to the return.

Select the appropriate code and complete the return. If the code is associated with your offline inventory location, you will see the item appear in stock at that location.