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Sales Order Process Explained – Berlin

This guide will walk you through taking payments, filtering for pick up at later date, and confirming picked up/shipped orders.

For the process use Sales Orders

Create a new Sales order by navigating to the SALES module and the

sales order

Fill necessary info on new ‘Sales Order’ form:

order info


Add Products and/or services to the order below.

order items

*Check the ‘Layaway’ box located under ‘General’ in the gray column on the left. This moves the goods out of your stock to avoid double selling.


Confirm & Save the document


Posting Payments to the Sales Order

On bottom of Sales Order, you can associate a payment by clicking the ‘$’ button in the bottom bar. If this bottom bar is not visible, click the yellow button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

associate payment


On the Payment Card, fill out the appropriate information.

payment card


Save to post the payment:



Payment will be reflected under ‘Customer Balance.’

customer balance payment


Once Sales Order document is saved, you will notice that the products on the ORDER have been moved out of “available” stock and into the “layaway” column:

(This can be located in the stock table on the Product Card)


Customer comes back at later day to pick up the order

the Sales Order. In the bottom bar, select ‘To Invoice.’

*If you do not remember the order number, you can use the filters to locate the Order (date, customer name, status, location, etc)

Once located, click the Sales Order to open it. Then click ‘To Invoice’ located in the bottom black bar.

to invoice


This will open a new Invoice-Waybill document.

Once Confirmed & Saved, this means customer has picked up goods from location. The customer balance will now return to zero (or previous balance.) You can now print a receipt or shipping label.



The goods are now moved from layaway to out of stock in inventory.

Notice that original Sales Order and Related Invoice Waybill are now associated. The Invoice Waybill number is located to the left of the yellow ‘more’ button. You can open it by clicking on the number.

order:invoice assoc

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