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Sales Orders process explained

-Taking payments
-Filtering for pick up at later date
-Confirming picked up/shipped orders
1. For the process use SALES ORDER:

-Fill necessary info on new SALES ORDER form:
*notice you can add a SHIPPING DATE

-Add Products/services to order:

* Check the LAYAWAY box – this moves the goods out of your stock to avoid double selling

-CONFIRM—SAVE the document


2. Posting Payments to the Sales Order
On bottom of Sales order Choose NEW PAYMENT:
-Can take payment by card by selecting “take card payment”

-On Payment form, select payment type, SUM:


-SAVE- to post the payment:

-Upon Saving- RECEIPT button appears:


-Can print/Email payment receipt
-Notice Order # is also printed to payment receipt:

– Notice that following saving payment,  Sales order STATUS is now PAID:

-Once Sales Order document is saved, you will notice that the products on the ORDER have been moved out of “available” stock and into the “layaway” column:

(can located this stock table on the PRODUCT CARD)

3. Customer comes back at later day to pick up the order

– Open INVOICES module– SALES ORDERS tab
-Use the filters to locate the Order
-can be filtered by (#, date, customer name, Status):

-Once located, click the Sales order to open it
-Select MORE drop down- CREATE INVOICE:

-New Invoice-Waybill document opens

*You can mark this invoice as “picked up/shipped” in 2 ways:

a) Changing Invoice Status:

b) Using the “additional text printed to invoice” field to add Misc. notes

-CONFIRM–SAVE in upper right

* Once CONFIRMED–SAVED this means customer has picked up goods from location.
– Goods are now moved from “layaway” to out of stock in inventory:


Your order has now been paid for and picked up
-you can later filter through ORDERS that have been picked up (depending on which method A or B used above) :

*Notice  that original Sales Order and Related Invoice Waybill are now associated: