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Sales Promotions & Coupons


-There are 3 “Promotion Types” to choose from

1. Open INVENTORY module—Select “SALES PROMOTIONS” from the left scroll—and add new button :

2. You will see that you can define the rules of the promotion- (If customer does X—they get Y)

-Here you can create whatever rules for the promo you would like, ERPLY supports many different types of promotions so you have freedom to create your own

**if you have any questions on functionality please call our help-desk


*For example above I have said “buy any one of the 3 products listed—and get the 1 product (listed under “customer will”) for free (100% discount)

3. Next lets go back up to the top of the SALES PROMOTION form;
-Put in your Promotion name, and start date-  (promo never expires if “end date” blank):


Now that promotion is defined, Next step is to define the PROMOTION TYPE
-You will see 3 different promotion types listed:

a) Promotion is applied automatically to all customers: This is a promotion that no Coupon is needed. When a customer meets the rules defined, the promo is automatic at the register.

ex: “Spend $200 or more and get 10% entire purchase” – Once customers tab reaches $200 the discount will apply on the spot.


b) Cashier select promotion manually, or enters the associated coupon code: This is a promo that has a coupon associated to it.
-Cashier can either scan the applicable coupon, or enter apply the promotion to the sale manually (must have proper user rights)

Here’s how to apply Promotion type B:
-select the proper type- define the rules to the promotion–SAVE


– Once saved- next step is to create the coupon and associate it to the Promotion

-to do so open the “COUPONS” tab from the left scroll–add NEW:

-New Coupon form opens:

-Give the coupon a unique code

-For our example I have created Promotion “50% next purchase of over $100” – therefore I am defined rule that the coupon “automatically prints from POS” when purchase sum exceeds $1
-Lastly choose the promotion to relate the coupon with from the drop down menu–SAVE:

– *You are now all set to  utilize this Promotion*

For our example- when a customer comes in and makes a purchase exceeding $1- the POS will automatically print the coupon for “50% off next purchase exceeding $100”

-This promotion can be redeemed 2 ways:

1) By Scanning the Coupon at the register
-Lets say our customer comes back in with his “50% next purchase exceeding $100” Coupon
Sales Clerk takes the receipt—hits “ADD COUPON” button:

scan the coupon—ADD:

Once added —press OK–once the sale meets the rule associated to the coupon- this discount will be applied.


2) Second option to apply this coupon is manually

*for this user must have sufficient rights–you can add this right on the USER-CARD:

– With Sufficient rights- User will see tab in POS “RECEIPT DISCOUNT”:
-By clicking this a list of active promotions will display- user selects proper promotion to be applied here:


The 3rd and final PROMOTION TYPE on the drop down list is:
C) “when user hands in printed coupon with serial number”

– This type is used when customer can redeem promotion ONLY when physical coupon is present (no option for manual entry as in type B above)

-Set up for the promotion & redemption is identical to the prior option (see steps above)