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Setting up Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) payments


Merchant must have a Cayan merchant account. Following credentials are provided by Cayan.

  • MerchantName
  • MerchantSiteId
  • MerchantKey

iPad Only

Download and install the Cayan Root Certificate linked below.


Step 1: Device setup – Verifone MX915

  1. Connect the payment device to the same local network as the POS terminal.
  2. Connect the payment device power cable
  3. Press 0 three times on device keypad
  4. Enter password “9416557”
  5. Read the device IP address from device display


Step 2: Device update – Verifone MX915

Device update may take place automatically, but it’s recommended you do it manually on first install.

  1. Press 0 three times on payment device keypad
  2. Enter password “9416557”
  3. Press button “Update”


Step 3: Setup back office

In this step you will set which of the registers are going to use the Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) as the payment provider. Repeat the steps for each register.

  1. Open ERPLY back office.
  2. Go to: Retail chain > Registers
  3. Select register
  4. Change “Card payment terminal / card swiper” value to “Merchant Warehouse”
  5. Press Save


Step 4: Setup Berlin POS

In this step you will set the account each register will be connected to as well as the IP address of the payment device. Repeat steps for each register.

  1. Open Berlin POS and log in with a user that has administrator set as user group.
  2. Go to: Settings > Payment configuration
  3. You should see Merchant Warehouse setup form
  4. Fill the fields:
    1. MerchantName (see Prerequisites)
    2. MerchantSiteId (see Prerequisites)
    3. MerchantKey (see Prerequisites)
    4. DeviceIP (see Device setup) – use port 8443 (ex.
  5. Press Save
  6. Install the Cayan Root Certificate from http://cayan.com/Site/Media/Cayan/Cayan.crt. Download the file, and click to install it. When prompted, browse to install into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. Install process for the certificate varies for different operating systems and browsers. Cayan has a setup document that covers most, which can be found at this link.




If device does not respond

  • check POS terminal firewall settings and makes sure connections to payment device IP and port are allowed
  • check device IP (see Device setup) and make changes from POS settings (see Setup Berlin POS)
  • Ensure the User Group Settings have “API” checked.


Supported transactions


Credit card transactions

CC sale yes
CC void yes
CC return (return with receipt) yes
CC partial return (return with receipt) yes
CC credit (return without receipt) no
CC manual entry no
CC signature capture yes
CC voice auth no


Debit card transactions

DC sale yes
DC void yes
DC return yes


Setting Up a Static IP Address

From the Genius idle screen, reboot the device to access the OS Menu.

1. Make sure you have your IP address, subnet mask, Gateway and DNS1 from your
network administrator for the Genius device to connect to your router/switch.
2. On the keypad, hold down 1, 5 and 9 buttons together for two seconds, and then release.
3. Use the keypad to insert the password 166832 and press Enter.
4. On the tabs at the top of the screen, touch Administration and then Communication.
5. From the tabs at the top of the Communications screen, touch Network and then Ethernet.
6. From the Ethernet screen, touch the edit symbol next to Mode.
7. Select staticIP and touch OK.
8. Touch the Pencil symbol next to IP Address and use the keypad to enter the IP address
assigned to the Genius CED and then touch OK.*
9. Configure your subnet mask, Gateway and DNS settings.
10. Touch Apply.
Returning to the Genius idle screen:
On the Menu path at the top of the screen, touch Home. Next, touch Run App

At this point, the unit will have saved configuration and needs to be brought back to the Genius Application.

  1. Select the ‘Home’ option in the breadcrumbs to go to the main screen
  2. Hit the ‘Run App’ button’
  3. The device should take a minute then return to the Genius idle screen.

These steps were taken from the Cayan Setup Guide.