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Windows POS: Setting up Verifone POINT payments


  1. You must have OPOS version or newer.
  2. EPSI must be turned on for OPOS


Step 1: Device setup – Verifone VX520

  1. Connect the payment device to the same local network as the POS terminal.
  2. Connect the payment device power cable
  3. After booting up, device displays welcome ~30 seconds and then displays Net Settings. Make sure you choose DHCP.
  4. In the next screen mark down IP address displayed by device for entering it to Berlin POS.


Step 2: Setup back office

In this step you will set which of the registers are going to use the Verifone POINT as the payment provider. Repeat the steps for each register.

  1. Open ERPLY back office
  2. Go to: Retail chain > Registers
  3. Select register
  4. Change “Card payment terminal / card swiper” value to “Verifone POINT”
  5. Press Save


Step 3: Setup OPOS

In this step you will set the account each register will be connected to as well as the IP address of the payment device. Repeat steps for each register.

  1. Open OPOS
  2. Go to: Settings->EPSI.
  3. Fill the fields:
    1. Payment device IP (see Device setup)
    2. Payment device port – in standard cases you can leave port to 0


  4. Press Save EPSI configuration
  5. Press Test Connection. If there are no pairing done between device and payment terminal, then POS will show code, what must be entered into payment terminal (see Pairing the device with POS).
    POS will display PIN:


    After entering the code in terminal, POS displays:


    Once paired, consecutive Test Connection‘s will display only Success or Fail.


Pairing the device with POS

During configuration or on first payment the POS will ask to pair POS and payment device. POS will show PIN code, that must be entered into payment terminal. After entering the code to the payment terminal the terminal and POS can start processing payments.


Enable/disable offline payments (SAF)

The payment terminal comes with an option to accept offline payments using what’s called a Store and Forward. This is an experimental solution and it does not support all the payment transaction types you would normally expect. Please contact ERPLY customer support to get more information.

  1. On payment terminal hit 7 and Enter simultaneously to enter Terminal Manager
  2. Terminal will prompt for password – 1 alpha alpha 66831
  3. Choose option for Edit Parameters
  4. Press 7 for GID and press Enter
  5. Terminal will prompt for password – 1 alpha alpha 66831
  6. Terminal displays File: CONFIG.SYS. Press Enter
  7. Press the option for Find
  8. Use the keypad and alpha button to type in BAUTH (if value 1 then enabled, 0 is disabled)



Card payments are disabled.

  • This may indicate that the payment service provider (eg. verifone_point) requires EPSI to function, but EPSI is not actually running. Turn on EPSI to resolve.


Supported transactions


Credit card transactions

CC sale yes
CC void yes
CC return (return with receipt) yes
CC partial return (return with receipt) no
CC credit (return without receipt) no
CC manual entry yes
CC signature capture no
CC voice auth no


Debit card transactions

DC sale yes
DC void yes
DC return no