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Setup the Star TSP650II Printer (Bluetooth) with your iPad

These are steps to setting up the printer while using the Erply iPad application “ERPLY Point of Sale (POS)” and Touch POS.

*Your TSP650 printer must have bluetooth feature to complete this setup*

1)Plug in the printer’s power cord and turn place the power switch in the ON position.

Turn Printer On

2) Go to the ‘Settings’ on your iPad and select ‘Bluetooth’

iOS settings app

3) Make sure the Bluetooth option is turned on for the iPad, the iPad will then begin scanning for devices and your printer should appear “Star Micronics”.



4) On the back of your printer there is a small red button ‘PAIR’, hold down the red button and select to connect to the printer on the iPad. Continue to hold the button and the status on the iPad will change to ‘connected’.


5) Let go of the red button on the back of the printer.  

Pair Button

6) Now, scroll down the settings menu on the iPad until you see the Erply app ‘POS’ or ‘Touch POS’ and select.


7)   Click on the option to Select Printer and choose “Star Micronics Bluetooth”. Your settings should now look like the below image.

Printer Settings

8)  Refresh the Erply application and you are now ready to begin printing !