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Taking Payment for an Unpaid Balance in Payments Module

If a customer has balance that they would like to make payment on you can take payment in the back end through the Payment module  to clear customer balance and the unpaid invoices on file.

– If Invoice has been made in manager please ensure your invoices are confirmed as well, if only saved and payment is applied it will still show as unpaid until invoice has been confirmed.

Below is a picture of unpaid invoice listed in the Invoice Module and customer balance.


1)┬áNavigate to “Payments.” This is located in the Sales drop down menu.



2) Select New to create a new payment

3) Enter customer name, payment type, payment date, and amount paid in the sum field. Select save for payment to post

– Here you are just making a payment, DO NOT select an invoice at this step

4) Select an invoice to apply payment and select save

5) Invoice will no show a balance of zero and amount of payment will decrease

6) Select next invoice to apply payment to and select save. Once complete invoices will now reflect zero and funds still available

7) The invoices have now been cleared and the customer balance will reflect the the funds that where not applied to an invoice.