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Tendering Sale in POS view and shipping to different Address

1. Add customer at POS view- on customer card you will notice that there is only 1 mailing address listed.

2. Choose “type” as “registered Address” using dropdown on left. Fill that address and click the little save icon on the far right of the field:


3. Upon saving using the icon, you will see that the system displays a 2nd address line:

4. Fill that address line and choose “type” as mailing address.

5. Save the customer card using the save in upper right hand corner of “customer card”

6. Upon saving customer will be automatically pulled into customer field in POS view, now you can continue to add items and tender the transaction.

7. Once tender is complete, you can pull back open this invoice using “X report” button located  across the  bottom of screen:

8. X report will display all invoices for the current day, you can open a past invoice by clicking the purple hyperlink :

9. Once in the Invoice that needs to be added “shipping address”  you will be filling two fields


-Customer—& address – this is SHIP TO ADDRESS

-Payer– & address- this is BILL TO ADDRESS

10. Once you specify the Customer(ship to) and Payer(bill to- if customer paid upfront this address field can be left blank) Next step is to “save” the invoice with the updated info (save is in upper left of screen)

11. Before you save one last step—MUST specify “shipping date”:

12. Once saved—you can print the packing list for the invoice by using the “MORE” drop down menu (located next to save button in upper right) —and selecting option “print packing list”:

13. Your Invoice is now set to ship- You can access all invoice in ERPLY by using the “Invoice “ module located on top of screen- and query through the invoices using filters  (date, customer, invoice ):