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Time Clock & Employee Reports

How to Utilize Employee Time Clock & access Employee reports

1. First step here is to be sure that your Employee is created correctly- This is a two step process

1) Create Employee to be tracked in system
2) Create “User” for this employee (for them to log in/out of the system)


-ToCreate a New employee- Click open settings from the taskbar:

– Open “sales team” from the left scroll- and choose “ADD PERSON” button to add a new employee:

-Fill the Employee Card with relevant Data—SAVE

-Once saved- a new Grey button appears on lower left of page:  “create user account”:

-Click that and USER card opens– fill necessary data  (usergroup, etc.)—-SAVE

-Once saved you will notice that the Employee now has a user attached to it:


2. Now that your employees are set up – they can begin using the time clock

*Remember that an Employee and a User in ERPLY are two different things- therefore once the “User” logs in they are NOT clocked in automatically- they must do so here:

-On Homescreen—clock the Clock in/out button:

-Select a location to clock in to (this is based on user rights- you can define on customer card which stores they work in- if only 1

store is checked they will have only 1 option here)

-Fill Username/password- and clock in (green button)

-You are now clocked in, same process is used for clocking out at end of shift.


3. Now that Employees have been created- and they know how to use the time clock- last step is navigating to correct reports to view Employee data

– Open up the REPORTS module—EMPLOYEE reports—-TIME & ATTENDANCE report:
(You can set filters for store/time period you would like to view)

– Open the report- you will have list of all clock in/outs for each employee along with totals- you can export this to excel (see how to export XML guide)- or Print this out for your records: