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TouchPOS: Sales Options and Functions

To change between Retail View and TouchView use the  up arrow button to get to the settings menu. Select: ‘Settings’ then toggle the ‘enable POS retail view’ radio button.  Save the setting, then reload the page.  This will require you to log in again.


Sales Options Overview

Sales options are for a current sale.


Discount: allows you to set a % or $ amount discount off the receipt

Add notes: allows you to add a message/note that will show up on the bottom of the receipt and in on your invoices

Print last receipt: prints the last sale’s receipt

Save sale: allows you to put a sale on hold, and pull it up later at any time to pay for it

Save as order: allows you to save a transaction of a sales order

Tax exempt: Prompts for the tax exempt certificat number then allows the sale to have no tax applied to it

No sale: If cashdrawer is setup, this pops the cashdrawer with no sale.  Cash drawer openings are recorded as 0 dolalr transactions on your X/Z report.

Apply promotions: allows you to select a promotion that you’ve created and set it to the current sale

Add coupons: allows you to search for or scan in a serialized coupon that you’ve created and apply it to the current sale

Gift receipt: currently unavailable, but will print a gift receipt, with no prices on it.

Save quote: allows you to save the sale as a quote, and you can pull up the quote by clicking on ‘Quotes’ located under ‘Functions’

Layaway payment: allows you to place the item on hold from your current stock level to avoid double selling. You will need to take a prepayment for the sale

Add Shipping: allows you to add a shipping cost for your sale by entering the zip code of the destination – this feature is an extra charge, and needs configuration by ERPLY staff.

Price lookup: currently unavailable

New sale: deletes the items currently in your cart, and returns to the default customer group



Functions Overview

Options not related to a current sale


Recent sales: view all sales made at this location. Can be used as a customer history lookup, by entering the customer name into the search box.

Pending sales: view all saved sales (sales on hold) that have not been paid for

Close day: prompts you to enter the cash in the register at the end of the day

X-Report: generates a report of the breakdown of cash, credit, check, etc. transactions for that specific register

Cash In/Out: allows you to add/take out cash into/from the register, so at the end of the day, the cash til should be the correct amount

Quotes: locate your quotes here to make a payment

Pickup orders: locate sales orders that are ready for pickup for the customer

Layaways: locate your layaway documents here to finish payment or to add another layaway payment

Add break: for Salon POS

Clock in/out: employees can clock in and out using their password or pin